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Thread: Turn me on to some obscure music!

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    Saw these guys several years ago at Hell's Kitchen.

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    Mr. Drinky, you have great taste in music. I love Chuck Ragan; I've seen his band Hot Water Music over 20 times, including the time I flew to Florida to see their first reunion show back in 2008. I've also seen Chuck Ragan solo countless times. I used to see him all the time when he and his wife lived in LA and he was just getting the solo stuff going.

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    Got some here for you, hope you enjoy 'em. I think Theory might like these if he see this

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    Lots of intersting stuff Amazon music wishlist just got bigger.

    Here are some of my favorite underappreciated/obscure songs/bands.

    Aquabats...just a bunch of goofy colleges guys having a lot of fun making ska-fusion of their classics:

    The Violent Femmes seem to be a rather underrated group, particularly for their work after the debut album. Here is a nice satrical piece from their sophmore effort, with video from a film school project:

    Not sure what category this guy falls in...but he's having a lot of fun making music:

    Can't miss Judge Dread...the first non-Jamaican to have a reggae hit in Jamaica...and the most banned musical artist of all time...warning: HIGHLY suggestive lyrics:

    A bit of Leonard Nimoy speaking the Desiderata:

    A bit of pre-nerdcore...M.C. Hawking doing "Entropy":

    A bit of sarcastic ska fusion from the Bay Area:

    Of course there is the j-Pop surf music fusion of the 5, 6, 7, 8's...made famous by the Kill Bill scene with the Crazy 88's:

    Apocalyptica...the chello quartet that covers metal songs, here is Metallica's Fade To Black:

    Which of course brings up Iron Horse...bluegrass cover is their version of Fade To Black:

    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour...kind of euro-pop? This particular song came to my attention a Heineken commercial:

    This is, to me at least, techno type of the few that I like:

    The Breeders are another band that had a couple of big hits but seem to be generally underrated, here's a nice track from their Title TK album:

    One of the best of the "southern rapp" genre, Bubba Sparxxx:

    Another under appreciated band, Cake, from their debut album:

    The absolutely brilliant combo of Shakti and John Mclaughlin doing a fusion of acoutic jazz and traditional Indian classical music:

    One of the founders of ska, Desmon Dekker:

    I'm going to stop scanning my collection now...

    If you enjoy any of these, I probably have more like it...
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    There is a british band called King Blank that I love but their stuff is hard to find.

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    Some canadian hip hop
    one of my favorite tracks ever, before Kanye became KANYE
    some home town talent

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    How about some Gorkys Zygotic Mynci

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    Some of the best instrumentalists here:

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