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Thread: Finishing re handle

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    Finishing re handle

    So, I did a re handle for a friend on a sabatier... he bought some stabilized walnut burl scales on ebay. They are cool, but there are a few voids -small, shallow openings - in the wood. How do you guys finish your handles when the scales have that going on. also, what is the basic finishing you guys do on stabilized wood regularly?

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    Small voids can usually be filled with a couple drops of CA glue (super glue).
    Apply glue, let dry, repeat if necessary. Then sand.
    For larger voids I use fast cure epoxy mixed with sanding dust from the wood.
    After you have finished sanding apply a coat of Danish or Tung oil. Let dry and repeat a few times.
    Then rub down with 0000 (extrafine) steel wool.
    Then apply a paste wax for wood and hand buff with a soft cloth.

    This works well on coarse grain woods like Walnut.
    The multiple coats of Tung or Danish oil fill the pores for a smoother surface.
    The most common mistake I see knife makers make is not filling the pores and then power buff.
    That tends to put buffing compound in the open pores resulting in a dull, muddy finish.

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