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Thread: Discussion of Art - Realism

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    Discussion of Art - Realism

    To skip the video, here is the painting in question:

    There are countless people out there saying that this has little value as art, because it's essentially like being a human camera. Some even devalue it even more so because it's painted from reference, and not from memory.

    This is one of the times where I want to throw away the idea of, "everyone is entitled to their own opinions," and just want to say, "you're wrong." It irritates me to no end to hear that kind of elitist mindset; I don't even feel the need to prove the skill level demonstrated. To downplay that kind of mastery because it doesn't fit in the "normal" category of art is arrogant and narrow minded.

    Thoughts? Perhaps I'm just being egotistical myself, but this is something that really strikes a chord in me.

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    I appreciate this as art. I think that you have a scale with pure abstract on one side and pure realism on the other, all art is going to be somewhere on the scale. Robin Eley seems to see things far to the realism side. Discrediting this as art purely on the level of realism is ridiculous and does not take into account many other things, like composition, color, shadow. I would really like to see one of these paintings in person,

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    Technically beautiful, but emotionally does about as much for me as a perfectly executed yellow stripe down the center of a road.
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    Someone once told me art should provoke some type of emotion. For me, I look at that painting and I'm amazed. Why the artist chose this genre to display his skill is not for me to decide.

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    There's an old saying that applies here as well as many other situations: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
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    Because I find my eyes following the geometry of the woman, floor and walls something artistic must be going on. The artist's photo realistic technical ability adds a texture -I guess that's what you'd call it- that a photograph wouldn't capture.

    The fact the woman's covered in plastic, I don't get so much, but I like her expression and how she appears comfortable. Pretty incredible piece but not something I'd put on my wall.

    Devin, I fully appreciate it but have the artistic skills of a square of sod.
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    Only those with the skills to do something like this can fully appreciate it.


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    I would prefer a front view!
    I say art.
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    After 20 years of these kinds of discussions with wife (she studied art in college) my conclusion is that art is concept as much (or more) as execution--this is why, sometimes, only the first person to do something can make it art.

    If this concept makes sense to you, then it's you. There's no reason we all should have the same answer...we can have different answers and still all be right b/c it's personal.

    Quote Originally Posted by mano View Post
    The fact the woman's covered in plastic, I don't get so much, but I like her expression and how she appears comfortable. Pretty incredible piece but not something I'd put on my wall.
    This was pretty much my own reaction.

    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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