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Thread: Discussion of Art - Realism

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    @Mano, I apologize, my comment was not directed at you or anyone for that matter.

    Love and respect


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    In 2001 the Turner Prize, arguably the most prestigious art award in the UK worth 20,000 UK Pounds in that year, was given to one Martin Creed. His winning artwork? An empty room with lights switching on and off every 5 seconds. It was titled 'Work No. 227, lights going on and off'. Don't just believe me go google it!

    And while you're at it have a look at Tracey Emin's 'My Bed' which was an installation of, well you might have guessed it, an unmade bed with condoms, menstrual stains, knickers and other personal stuff. This was bought by Charles Saatchi for British Pounds 150,000.

    And how about Damien Hurst's picked shark? A 14 foot tiger shark in formaldehyde which was sold in 2004 for something like $8 million. You read that right. This pickled shark was titled 'The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living'. Yeah, right.

    Art mirrors society, culture and the intellect of the mileau. For our times it basically means anything and everything as long as the 'artist' intends for whatever he/she is making to be art. One of the earliest example of this trend was Duchamp's 'Fountain' which was an upside down urinal.

    Beauty, composition, expertise in the craft, emotions, not even the eye of the beholder are in the consideration any longer. Conceptualism and postmodernism have usurped all that. It seems to me that the art industry heavy hitters are now the academics, the theorists and the gallery taste makers. In my opinion these art 'professionals' have usurped the place of the artist. The art scene now seems to me to be one where the art 'professionals' need an itch to scratch in terms of pursuing a theory or trend, and the artists are all too happy to provide them with this itch. Often it seems the more sensational the itch the more satisfying the scratch. And the art market? They just follow. I long to see a performance of The Emperor's New Clothes outside an art opening at a gallery.

    The artwork that takes the cake for me is by Piero Manzoni who produced a limited edition of 90 tin cans filled with faeces, presumably his own. Titled 'Artist's ****' these originally sold for their exact value at that time of their weight in gold. In 2007 one can was sold at a Sotheby's auction for Euro 124,000. Who's laughing now! Yeah, that's right, the emperor has no clothes! And there's one born every minute.

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    Amazing technique, but I look at it and that song we used to sing as kids is now an know, the one about putting a plastic bag over your head, go to bed, wake up dead.

    It reminds me of how I feel about Whitney Houston's singing. Absolutely incredible instrument, lots of people love it, but for me lacks emotion and musicality. This guy's paintings look amazing in their realism, but don't do much for me. If I saw it hanging someplace, my response would be "Wow! Look at the detail" rather than be struck by its beauty.

    Art, sure. Do I like it? Not particularly.
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    this is creepy,

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