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Thread: Traveling to NOLA

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    Traveling to NOLA

    This will be our first visit to NOLA and our first full week of vacation in 10+ years. Does anyone have any suggestions for a great place to stay and some great places to eat?

    David - Formerly The BoardSMITH
    Now just retired and looking for work

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    I know members Dardeau and I think labor of love are located there. Hopefully they can help. I've never been, hope ya'll have a great time.

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    Commander's Palace and galatoire's come to mind immediately (probably been 10 years since I've been to either though).

    If you want something that's fairly touristy, but fun and decent: ACME Oyster Bar on Iberville in the Quarter.

    It's one of my favorite towns, hope you have a blast!
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    I'll Post a full list in a moment but get resos at Domenica, herbsaint, and (so I can meet you) lunch reso at peche. If you want to stay in the quarter the montleone is a classic old hotel, four generations of Dardeau men have drank at the bar there. I stayed at the indigo in Athens ga and the opened one on st Charles and I was really nice.

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    Hi you haven't responded to my email's or pm on a matter of my purchase which should have arrived a long time ago and was hoping for some feedback so we can sort this out.

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    Just wanted to wish David a great time down there. I was only there for a conference a long time ago, made a major dent into the craw fish population, saw a lot of great music (incl. Beausoleil at the Rock'n'Bowl and some of the Neville clan), and surely had a lot of fun. As touristy as it may be, beignets at the Cafe du Monde are a must.


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    We had great meals at Herbsaint.

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    Herbsaint is my favorite!!! If verte Mart is still open, that's the place to get grub at 4 in the morning in the quarter after a long night of drinking

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    NOLA is kind of odd (IMO) when it comes to "great" places to stay. I'd suggest looking in the Quarter and not the financial district. Unless you are there to party you probably don't want to be on Bourbon street. IIR there is a Hilton in the Quarter. There are a bunch of truly great restaurants. It probably makes me a "fudgie" as we call tourists here but I've always enjoyed Cafe du Monde and Acme Oyster House. After that I'd look for a great Muffaletta and Fried shrimp or Oyster Poor boys. Even if you are not a big Jazz fan go to a club and have a few drinks. It's hard not to appreciate one of the greatest true American art forms in NOLA. Don't over look the Chef's that have been around a while like K-Paul. Their restaurants may not be nouveau Chic but it is a lot easier to score a table and the chances of being disappointed are slim.
    Have a good trip, watch your wallet and don't forget the camera.
    BTW Some of the walking tours are a lot of fun.

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    If you like architecture, take the trolley down St. Charles Ave. and see all the old mansions.

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