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Thread: WTB: Entry Level Stainless Western Gyuto

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    WTB: Entry Level Stainless Western Gyuto

    Hi folks,

    I organize an annual four-day event that we have catered. Our chef is a super nice guy who works very hard for a reasonable price. I'd like to personally give him a decent knife, as a token of my appreciation for how hard he works. He's a humble guy who's used to using Forschners.

    If anyone has a gently used, entry level knife in good or better condition, I'm interested. Since the knife is for someone else, I figure I shouldn't go too far from what he's used to, so I'm looking for stainless (or semi-stainless), with a western handle. Most likely a 240, or something close.

    For reference, if nothing pans out here, I may just get him a new Tojiro DP. I might also look for some kind of combination stone as well.

    Thanks for looking.

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    If nothing new turns up, perhaps have a look at a fujiwara fkm from JCK, I think a bit better bang for your buck than a Tojiro.

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    If you really like him, why not consider the Gesshin Kagero in B/S/T?

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    Not sure what the general opinion is on the forum...but I was extremely pleased with my first jKnife: Masamoto VG 210mm
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    Not sure I like him that much! ;-)

    Seriously, that's about 2x my budget.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pensacola Tiger View Post
    If you really like him, why not consider the Gesshin Kagero in B/S/T?

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    Suisin inox western 240mm.
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    Thanks for the ideas. I'm still looking for a western handled knife. I'd prefer to keep the price to around $100, just in case anyone out there has something suitable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    Suisin inox western 240mm.
    +1 brand new at JKI for 128
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    That artifex gyuto/paring combo for $75 BKDC is offering is a hellava deal.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I saw that and was tempted, but I'm a bit concerned after reading the "What to do?" thread. Some of the pics showing the grind on the OP's gyuto leave me concerned. I don't want to turn this guy off from J-knives forever!

    FWIW, I have an Artifex petty that I like quite a lot, but I am hesitant to get the gyuto.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike9 View Post
    That artifex gyuto/paring combo for $75 BKDC is offering is a hellava deal.

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