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Thread: Ichimonji Honyaki 330mm Aoko Yanagi

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    Ichimonji Honyaki 330mm Aoko Yanagi

    Ichimonji Honyaki 330mm Aoko Yanagi

    I don't read Japanese, but using the translator and looking at Ichimonji web site I think it's THIS one, which sells for about $1,390 new.

    Saya is included, black and white buffalo horn ferrule, octagon handle. Knife has been used. Above the shinogi has what they call "mirror polish" although not a true mirror, it is almost a mirror polish. The blade road has been polished by me with Ohira and uchigumori natural stones. It is fully sharpened and ready to use. Hamon is not showing, I think to show hamon it would need a light etch. $550

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    Sorry I have a correction to make in the description, the ferrule is black on the left side and white on the right side.

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