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Thread: 250mm Shigefusa kasumi sujihiki

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    250mm Shigefusa kasumi sujihiki

    Time to be honest and, as nice as this knife is, I have to admit I don't use it. Gotta go!

    Bought this 6 months ago from JNS and has been used very, very lightly and very little since. I haven't even sharpened it. Octagonal chestnut handle, some famous Shigefusa clouds, & was originally a special order by Maxim sold from his own collection. (His first ever Shig special order, he said.) To quote the write up:

    'This one is from my own collection 250mm Shigefusa Kasumi Sujihiki
    Special made, extra thin ! it was my first Custom order from Shigefusa
    But as i have now 3 Sujikihikis already from him this one is not used at all
    Better it go to someone that will use it !
    It have been re handled and polished up with Natural stones so FF is better then normal

    Have a look at the full write up with photos here: Even though it still looks the same, I can post my own photo tomorrow if anyone needs.

    As it really hasn't been used, I'm asking the same as I paid which was DKK 2,900 or $515 (paypal included) + shipping. Internationals okay.

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    Here's a current photo as promised. I will also round down the price: $500 (PP incl) + shipping

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    Awesome! That is a nice looking Suji!
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    Thanks, Huw. And surely you need one!

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    I do! But 3 shigs in 1 week is enough ...... Even for me
    In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food. Jiro Ono

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    beautiful...lucky buyer

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    Congrats on the buyer, just missed it, went SPF right when i was about to PM.

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    I like this Sujihiki!

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