I want to trade this knife for a high quality 270 sujihiki.

Of all the gyuto's I've owned this is the only one that has remained in my rotation. It's not the nicest or most expensive, but it has all the positive attributes written about the Konosuke HD's from several years back. A laser that can serve as a workhorse, this knife isn't delicate or prone to chip. I'm not one to wax nostalgic about objects, but this knife has a bit of soul to it.

Kalaeb took off the wa handle (the wa blades were thinner than the yo's IIRC) and put on a hidden tang two-toned ringed gidgee western handle with a blue resin ferrule.

I've taken excellent care of this knife and am letting it go only because I have something extra special coming in and need a 270 sujihiki. My goal is to get down to five or six knives so I'll have some other stuff for sale soon.

I'd prefer a wa handle with a carbon blade, but I'm really open to anything good. The Fowler Mike Henry recently had on buy/sell is something I'd be interested in. Depending on the knife I'm okay with money exchanging hands, as well. If it makes a difference, I'll throw in a saya, the type sold by Korin and JCK.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, but for the life of me I can't find the digital camera I just used a few days ago.

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