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    Scrap wood

    Not quite up to randy or Dave's boards, but still pretty happy with what was a piece of scrap mahogany sitting unused in my garage. Finished with beeswax/lemon oil mixture I made for turned bowls. 18x11x1/2inches. A bit rustic on the sides, will put on rubber feet to elevate off surface. Basically two hrs of fun!

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    Looks great to me. Nice job Eric. I wish I had some big pieces of wood like this just lying around!
    It looks like it's pretty lightweight too, and might be good for travelling.
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    Nicely done Eric.
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    Man I have so much wood I've collected over the years....most is stacked and garage is so cluttered I cannot even get to it anymore! I know I have some macadamia boards, koa, curly cherry, teak, and oak. Not to mention the logs i keep collecting for bowls- what a mess! Anyway, thx for the kind words.
    This was left over from a table top I made when my daughter was 4 or 5- she's 12 now. I think it's bees wing mahogany cause of the the grain. Literally hidden behind my workbench with lots of dust, etc.

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    That's a great scrap wood board!

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