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Thread: DEBA: Who uses it to butcher yard bird's and other terrestrial animals?

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    I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejd53 View Post
    I have to admit that I have an interest in this thread as I have recently come into possession of one of these knives (see below) and I was worried that the Deba police might behead me if I used it on non-aquatic protein. I will admit to having had dreams of gutting a steer with one swing of this mighty weapon (also of building a log home and using it to clear the land). Seriously, this thing could qualify as a small tuna sword.

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    What is that knife?

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    That knife is a Mike Davis 240 mm mioroshi deba with a cocobolo saya. For further info, see the "Single Bevel WIP" thread in Mike's sub-forum.

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