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Thread: the Yen

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    Well here in DK experts say that it will fall much more. But we never know hehe

    On the other hand so you all don't get to exceeded, all blacksmith and stone wholesalers will raise prices this July
    And steel prices in Japan going only up

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    Thanks, Maxim. Spoil the party!

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    The Yen to dollar has very little to do with investors. Currency trading is not going to alter values like that. This is a result of Japanese quantitative easing and their decesion to print 62 Trillion Yen. Abenomics and the BOJ at work. A nice glimpse into the future of what the dollar will be doing soon if US policy makers don't get their act together. Japan is walking a very tight line. I think it was Thursday morning pre-market the exchange rate had changed like $1.67.
    Freakin crazy either way.

    Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

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