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Thread: the Yen

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    the Yen

    Is anyone else watching this? Its crazy right now... it was up to 103 a couple of days ago, and now its down at 94 again. Still better than the 74 is hit a while back, but its all over the place.

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    From what I was reading a few days ago, it will be doing more of the same. I just read a quick blurb so not much on why.
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    I have been seeing the fluctuations, it is crazy. How is this affecting your business with Japan, if you don't mind me asking, Jon?

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    it sucks... makes it hard to figure things out

    but still better than 74 yen to the dollar

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    I shoulda bought a grand's worth when it was over 100.
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    None of the guys on sushi bar here are surprised when I mention the down spike.

    Imagine the US dollar without the fed buying everything, and depressing the prime rate.

    Still...and no disrespect... if my boss is going to japan for July, should I have him pick me us up some stuff, or is it too volatile to say even 2-3 weeks out?

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    I just asked a stock dealin' market watchin' friend in Tokyo about this, and he thinks the Yen will drop again - for what it's worth. USD up he thinks, Yen down. Guess we'll see. My own quick check showed the Yen up about 5% vs the USD in the past 3 weeks, so if he's right that trend will reverse.

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    Yep it seems so here to to DKK anyway, it gone up this week a bit but now on the way down again

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim View Post
    Yep it seems so here to to DKK anyway, it gone up this week a bit but now on the way down again
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