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Thread: Japan Trip 2013

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    Japan Trip 2013

    Out of Town Notice

    July 1st - July 21st

    (Updated June 14th, 2013)

    Once again, it's time for our anual Japan trip. This year we're changing a few things. Normally, Sara and I both head to Japan for about a month in the fall. During this time, I train under a few different master craftsmen. This year, however, Sara will be staying here to run the store and process shipments, while I head to Japan for about 3 weeks. My Japan training trip will take place from July 1st to July 21st. Our store will resume normal hours again on July 22nd. During my time in Japan, I will be learning under amazing master craftsmen like Hinoura-san and the Gesshin Hide craftsmen.

    Unlike previous years, this year, all shipping will continue as normal (handled by Sara). Also, sara will be opening the store during this time... see the schedule below for our store hours during this time:

    July 3rd (Wed)- Noon-5pm
    July 5th (Fri)- Noon-5pm
    July 8th (Mon)- Noon-5pm
    July 10th (Wed)- Noon-5pm
    July 12th (Fri)- Noon-5pm
    July 14th (Sun)- Noon-5pm

    Also, all sharpening services will be on hold from June 25th until July 21st.

    If you need to contact us while we are out of town, we will be checking our e-mail regularly. For Jon, please send e-mails to and for Sara, please send e-mails to

    Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


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    I wish you the best on your trip. I hope you have fun and learn as much as you can.

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    Have fun and bring us back some cool stuff!
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    have fun and take lots of pictures. i'd like to live vicariously through people who can travel and do unique stuff.

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    @stereo.pete our Japan trips are generally much more about my training than bringing back new things... this year, more so than ever before... but i'll do my best

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    Have a great time Jon and bring us back some amazing stories about knife craftmanship!

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    Jon , ask if they would like to have a free labor for a week

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    Maybe you can get hinoura-San to make that single bevel gyuto! And maybe a gesshin sakimaru! And maybe some super inexpensive moribashi! Oh who am I kidding? I want it all!!!!
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