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Thread: What's in your rotation...

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    What's in your rotation...

    of breakfast cereals? I'm a notorious breakfast cereal lover. Though I don't eat it at breakfast, ever. I could even tell you the cereal mascot backstories and histories! It's crazy. Anyway the purpose of this thread is to list your current rotation of breakfast cereals and to post again as changes occur. I always have several on hand and depending upon what's on sale it varies.

    I'll kick things off with the current lineup in order from oldest to newest:

    Raisin Bran
    Frosted Flakes
    Rice Krispies
    Golden Grahams x2
    Coco Puffs x2

    As new stuff gets added you will see say, the Golden Grahams and Coco Puffs moved to the top as new entries are added.

    So, what's in your cereal rotation?
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    Steel Cut Oatmeal
    365 brand (Whole Foods) Corn Flakes w/ Soy Milk
    365 brand Morning O's (like Cheerios) w/ Soy Milk

    Didn't seem strange until I typed it.
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    mostly always steel cut oatmeal or grits
    but do enjoy from time to time:
    kashi go lean crunch
    raisin NUT bran
    banana nut crunch
    cinnamon toast crunch (as ice cream topping, yes for breakfast, along with a cold beer)
    fruit loops (childhood favorite)
    apple jacks (childhood favorite)

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    Special K berries
    Special K chocolate
    Special K chocolate and strawberry
    Frosted mini whats
    Mini wheats chocolate

    I guess my life is really boring... Well, if I get my act together, I cut up some fruit, mix with yoghurt, and eat over a few days with a few tablespoons of some muesli mix in it.


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    Im terrible for this. I only buy about one box per year...but its usually one of:

    Capn crunch
    boo berry
    franken berry
    fruity pebbles

    These are also how i named my dogs--no fruity pebbls, yet....but capn, boo, and frank.
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    Either one of Post's 'Great Grains' or something from Kashi. Usually too hot for oatmeal.
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    Unfortunately for me the kids (and i) took to some American cerials during the US years. I therefore carry packs of cereal back to Sweden from business trips....
    Youngest one: Cherios Dulche di leche
    Oldest: Life original
    Me: Kashis Go lean crunch
    Apart from these we have corn flakes and musli.

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    mostly raw special K's , rice crispies, with full greased fresh milk and no sugar

    sometimes lion cereals

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    Wheat chex
    Cracklin oat bran
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    Clayton, NC- surrounded by lots of trees
    Grape nuts
    Cracklin' oatbran
    Quaker oatmeal squares
    Life original
    Chocolate lucky charms
    Frosted shredded wheat
    Quaker granola
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