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Thread: Prayers for Hunter

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    Prayers and best wishes sent for your family.

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    Thanks guys. Well, I just got Hunter home. He seems OK just a little scared.

    They set up some tests for tomorrow. and he will be back there in the morning. Ill keep you all posted, as of now they said he had a seizure. (which we already knew) All the tests they ran blood and cat scan EKG etc were normal? So they dont know what the cause was.. ??

    Just wanted to update you all and thank you for the prayers.

    God is GOOD! but im still shakin! lol

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    Good luck to you all

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    Have faith and believe he will be okay. My prayers are with you.
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    wow what a day for this to happen. Something like that I don't think you will stop shaking for a few days.

    prayers are on the way.
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    done, Brother.
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    Glad to hear he's ok, Randy. Hunter's a great kid. Tell him Lefty is going to send him a little package that was supposed to be sent out a few moths ago.

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    I felt I'll when I read this Randy. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will look at my children a little differently tonight. You take good care of Hunter and yourself .

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    Randy: I am so sorry. Good that the CT was negative, and that he is ok. Hunter will definitely be in my thoughts tonight. Best-eric

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    Big time prayers!!!!!

    God Bless, Randy!!!! Unfortunately I lost my oldest son to malpractice about twenty years ago. I feel your pain, brother, have faith. If it wasn't for my spirituallity, I am sure I would not have made it. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Stay strong!

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