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Thread: Prayers for Hunter

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    That is great news!

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    that's great news to hear...

    I always google to find out. Did the doctor(s) find out what is the cause of the"overload" of brain activity? how can this ever be prevented and what steps to take so that it can be averted.

    Best Wishes adn take care.


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    excellent news!
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    That is fantastic news Randy. My thoughts and prayers for his continued well being.

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    I just caught this and am delighted to hear such good news. I have been there and understand your fears. Prayers are with you all.

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    Wanted to update the KKF family.

    First off thanks for your prayer support. God is faithful and has heard them all. He has answered loud and clear! HUNTER IS FINE!!! After all the testing, foll-up testing, and more testing. The results are in and show no residual seizure activity in his brain!!! No issues or abnormality's in his brain or nervous system!!! Basically, Hunter was given a clean bill of health with no restrictions!

    Hunter has started his first year of football, and has been at every practice for the last few weeks. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the field!

    Hunter read through this thread and I think he shed a tear. He asked me to tell them "God is GOOD" (I dont know where he learns these things) lol But I sure am proud of him! He asked my Mother a couple weeks ago to baptize him. So this weekend we are at the lake and Hunter will be Baptized.

    In closing I have to agree with Hunter here and say. Thank God and I thank him for all of you! (our KKF Family)

    I am always surprised but never disappointed by how God works things out!! His timing, His plan, His favor, and his provision is always MORE THEN ENOUGH!

    Stay sharp
    Randy Haas
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    God is good, glad Hunter is okay and enjoying himself out on the field.

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    Absolutely Randy.

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    Randy: glad to hear Hunter is well. Say hi to him for me and congratulations. I look forward to hearing more about his escapades on the football field- he sure will be a force to be reckoned with! Best Eric

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