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Thread: What's up with adds in the posts now?

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    I've never seen any on my macbook or my iPhone.

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    I don't see any ads too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markenki View Post
    I haven't seen any ads. However, why speculate. Austin, has anything changed?
    not speculating just wondering why i never saw them before and now coming up.

    on accounts of my iPhone( mostly) but also on my girlfriends pc and family computer. Never on my macbook though even if i turn adblock off not sure why because safari is what i use for my iphone as well.

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    I get them on my phone--droid, but not on my home computers...

    Strange and annoying since I wind up hitting them when scrolling a page on my phone.
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    I was getting them in every thread every time I logged in here on my PC. Highly annoying because they are colored/highlighted and I'd still wind up hitting them when scrolling. Clearly there's been plenty of changes lately which is disappointing. In either event I used this guide to block them;
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    I had them for a day. Then I figured out that I had accidentally added on something when trying to download a media viewer to watch a hockey playoff game. It changes some of my internet settings. I went into my setting on the internet tool bar and changed everything back to normal and the add words. were gone! Then I went to my programs and deleted everything I had download for that date. I was surprised to find my one slick downloaded like 8 programs on my computer.

    Reason I say this.. I dont believe the site made any changes. More so that there is some add on or whatnot on your computer or devise either allowing or adding these keyword links to your internet browsing.


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    We run text enhance ads for people who are not logged in. If you are logged in and seeing those you need to run your malware.

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    Malware will not stop the ads. You have to block them by listing the companies in your browsers security settings. This is a clearly a site glitch if ads are being placed here for those who are not logged in yet logged in members are having issues. I've never had these ads with any other web site.

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    Here's a quote from the "New Owners" thread a couple months ago:

    "We will not be adding advertisements, the Vendor relationship setup Dave has fostered will suffice, no additional ads or increase in rates will be done."

    And here's one from the post above:

    "We run text enhance ads for people who are not logged in"

    Seems like a disconnect.

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    weird i dont have any add blocks or anything and i have never seen them not even now

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