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Thread: What's up with adds in the posts now?

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    It sounds like you got a dl called groupon. It is usually bundled with some other needed program. If your not paying attention you can end up changing your browser, search engine, and of course this piece of crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TamanegiKin View Post
    Is this what you're talking about? The word forum in this thread has it. Here's a screen shot from my phone.
    yes this is what im talking about, mainly see it on my phone, however even saw it after logging in. Seems to be happening more in the last few weeks.

    Kalaeb- I actually do take offense to this statement. I have been a member here for about a year and thought about supporting the site for Dave until i read about the buyout. I enjoy reading the forum and getting information, especially this forum because the people are nice and more knowledgeable and its an overall good experience, however with that said i have enough things to pay for in the world i dont need to pay for every single thing i do. Also i had no problem supporting Dave on running this site as he did it as a hobby and not really as a business per se. Comments like this really are void, paying or not im still a member here and contribute to this forum with passarounds, givng knives to people who need them etc.

    But i run adblock as well so on my personal computer i dont get them very much i was just curious because the statement i read was that nothing was going to change on the forum however it seems thats not the case. Was just curious if others were experiencing the same thing.

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    I believe a promise was made when the new owners took over that there would be no ads. I use adblock so I haven't seen any, but if there are ads on the site now, I have to conclude that a promise was broken.

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    Been seeing it for a while. Click on one and it says Vibrant Adchoices. From the FAQ.
    keyword is one of thousands of premium websites that deliver Vibrant In-Text Advertising for companies such as Microsoft, Visa, IBM, and Toyota across the internet.
    How do I use Vibrant In-Text Advertising?

    Move your mouse over a highlighted word or phrase of interest to view relevant advertiser information
    For further information, click inside the ad unit to go to the advertiser website
    If you don't come across a word or phrase of interest, simply ignore the highlighted words and continue your reading session uninterrupted
    What is VXPlatform?
    Vibrant In-Text Advertising is powered by the VXPlatform technology. VXPlatform reads web pages and highlights words and word-phrases dynamically and in real time. The code is installed by publishers into their sites and does not require any code or software to be downloaded or uploaded by a user. VXPlatform is administered with the permission and support of our publishing partners.

    Is Vibrant In-Text Advertising Spyware?
    NO. Vibrant In-Text Advertising is a publisher-side technology. Vibrant In-Text Advertising is integrated into the website with the permission of the website publisher and does not collect personal information or require any form of software to be downloaded to or uploaded from your computer.

    Security and Privacy?
    To learn about what kind of non-personally identifiable information Vibrant and/or our clients and partners may collect, please click here to review our Privacy Policy.

    What types of companies use Vibrant In-Text Advertising to advertise?
    Vibrant Media works with some of the world's leading web publishers across multiple content categories throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Contact us for additional information.

    How much does Vibrant In-Text Advertising cost?
    The cost of Vibrant In-Text campaigns varies depending on the inventory available and the content category selected. For specific pricing contact a member of our sales team.

    How much traffic does a website need in order to qualify for Vibrant In-Text Advertising campaigns?
    A website must receive a minimum of 500,000 text rich page views a month to qualify for Vibrant In-Text Advertising. Please view our Vibrant In-Text Advertising Qualifications for more information.

    What does "text rich" mean, exactly?
    "Text rich" is defined by a page that contains more than 50 words. For example articles, reviews and forums.

    What languages are supported by Vibrant In-Text Advertising?
    Vibrant In-Text Advertising is rapidly expanding internationally. We are actively delivering Vibrant In-Text Advertising in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and German. Please visit our International Section for more detailed information pertaining to our capabilities internationally.

    Getting started with Vibrant In-Text Advertising. How do I sign up?
    Please fill out the registration form and a member of the Vibrant team will contact you. Please note that a website must deliver a minimum of 500,000 text rich page views a month in order to qualify for Vibrant In-Text Advertising.

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    Are you a website owner interested in participating in an in-text advertising campaign? Try Vibrant Ads on your site.

    Have questions about Vibrant In-Text Advertising? Let us know.

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    They only appear when I'm browsing on my tablet. Suuuuper annoying AND pointless. Nobody here is going to click any of that crap.

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    I've never seen one of those links/ads...
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    I saw these awhile back (maybe a year?) but it had to do with my computer and something I downloaded, not the forum.

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    When I log into the site, they are not present.

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    I haven't seen any ads. However, why speculate. Austin, has anything changed?

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    i turned off my adblock to check this and still havent seen any adds on my laptop, iphone, or tablet (android)

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