These blocks have been carbon dated to be 5460 years old. Some of the blocks have some figure as well.
This is from a huge oak tree that died and has been covered in mud and sediment for over 5000 years turning the wood a rich black and dark charcoal gray color.
These are extra large blocks that will work great for large handle knives or maybe a couple normal sized knives.
There are no visible flaws in these blocks which is unusual for bog oak.

This is natural wood. It has not been chemically stabilized or dyed.
Some makers prefer the non stabilized bog oak so they can carve and texture the wood. If you do a google image search for sandblasted morta pipes you will see how this wood looks sandblasted.
If you prefer stabilized, I have some at K&G getting stabilized (ready in a few weeks).

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These blocks come with a paper copy of the carbon dating report for the log these blocks were cut from.