Seems like he is talking about small wheels and chunks that he uses on cheese plates during service. I worked pantry at a place that used a crazy cheeseboard with all kinds of stinky soft cheeses and super hard sheep cheeses and such. I had a really short wustoff 7 inch utility knife I always used. It was really cheap and the quality was fairly poor. I mean it's a wustoff production knife so you can't expect much. It wasn't one of the stamped wustoffs it had a full bolster and black scales.... I'd just look for an inexpensive German utility knive because they don't tend to be as tall as Japanese Pettys and if cheese is stuck all over it you don't have to worry about any rusting. I wouldn't cut those hard cheeses with a soft steel petty knife, I'd be scared about it cracking.

One warning though. If you are cutting chunks off of a huge block like a parm reggiano or something hard. Either use one of those massive cheese knives or put a towel under your hand when pushing on the end of your knife. I have seen a dude slice his wrist so bad on a block of parm trying to push a chef knife through with two hands. I'm scarred for life.

Just my two cents