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Thread: Boning/Fillet Knife question

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    Boning/Fillet Knife question

    Hi guys

    My friend is looking for one for his father-in-law. I only know of typical stamped versions but I know there are higher end models from shun and others. Can you guys recommend to models? Ideally, he would like to stay below $100.

    It won't be used for large fish or in a pro environment, but just to fillet/clean fish they catch


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    For a western fillet knife under $100 consider a Knives of Alaska Steelheader in 440-C steel.

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    tojiro dp boning knife

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    I searched high and low for a good classic style fillet knife. It had to be long enough, as many are only seven inches or less. It had to have the right flex in the right places. Also, the shape of the blade is important. I wanted carbon so I could quickly, and routinely steel it. What I found was a 9" Ontario carbon fillet. Got it for $ it!
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    I like nice knives as much as anyone, but this is the one that goes fishing with me. Cut bait, trim line, filet and release, etc. Cannot make it rust.
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    Friend can add a sheath and/or couple of oyster knives to raise the ante.
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    I've got a MAC 7" Flexible filet that I'd be willing to part with for $50 + 5 shipping CONUS if your interested. Its been sharpened a few times but in in very good to excellent condition. No scratches on the blade. Will flex to 90 degrees back and fourth all day long. Slices Cake without dragging the frosting. Since the Deba purchase a few years ago, I'd rather use that to cut Fish. PM me of interested.
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    thanks for the help everyone, I'll pass it to my friend


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