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Thread: What non-knife product are you wanting to buy?

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    What non-knife product are you wanting to buy?

    I've been GASing (gear acquisition syndrome) for this swingaway hitting thing; it's basically a tee on steroids. I don't play baseball really, but I love to go catch and batting. I'd go everyday if I could. There's a local batting cage bar in town that I spend a bit too much money at.

    This will be the ultimate in stress relief and overall entertainment for me.

    What are you GASing for?
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    I need a new marine bilge pump....

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    I'd like to get a surf board before summer ends in San Diego.
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    Large touch screen head unit for my car. And speakers. And another amp.
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    is a atoma 140 a non knife product?

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    if not, id go for a mini john cooper works.

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    New socks and underwear. Some sandals for the summer. ... Seems so dull compared to - well, you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Gibson View Post
    I'd like to get a surf board before summer ends in San Diego.
    But summer never ends in San Diego. ;-)

    I've got a pair of boards for sale if you're interested.

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    what else is there???

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    Cutting boards? Butcher blocks? Hmm...

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