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Thread: What non-knife product are you wanting to buy?

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    Either a Kamado grill, or wood oven, or some kind of outdoor cooking setup.

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    Within reach? Knocked one off the list yesterday by winning an online auction for a solid koa concert uke. The photos and description make is appear to be almost new, which would put my winning bid plus shipping at less than half the price of a new one. Solid wood ukes are pretty expensive considering they're factory-made in China and Southeast Asia. Even at the price I paid it is expensive considering I have yet to get close to mastering a few chords. But like Japanese knives, even just playing a cheap laminated uke for a bit leads to addiction, known as UAS (ukulele acquisition syndrome). I have open alerts on CL, Kiiji (aka eBay Classifieds) and eBay for many more.

    Similarly, the Irish whistle or penny whistle is a very cheap instrument to buy and learn. Many of the best whistle players use cheap, factory-made whistles that cost less than $10. But picking one up and learning a few melodies instantly leads to WhOAD (whistle obsessive acquisition disorder). Within a month of finding an old Guinness-branded Walton whistle in one of my storage boxes, I acquired six more inexpensive soprano (D) whistles ($10-$35!) along with two custom, telescopic Ds ($100+) for when I travel. Whistles start at about $10 and collectible customs can go up over $1000. I will never be good enough to justify a one of those, but knowing that many of the best Irish Traditional Music artists recording today make their livings playing sub-$100 whistles makes this a somewhat unique obsession. I have my eye on a few soprano whistles in other keys and one or two "low" (tenor) whistles in C and D.

    I blame my ADHD.
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    I gotta see that uke when you get it. Pictures please!
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    New Watch

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    Charlotte, NC AKA The Queen City! The lint-filled belly button of the south.
    A bandsaw, new big-boy sander, lots of belts and discs.....
    ...I guess it's all knife related though.
    OK, some Blantons and some Knappogue Castle.
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    First of all, I need to find a decent room in a shared apartment, that's the best I can afford right now (they run around $850+/month out here unless you want to share a dump and one bathroom with 4 others...).

    As for acquisitions, I would love a Green Egg but that will remain a dream for some time. More realistically, if I can set up my espresso gear in the new place, I will be saving up for a Behmor coffee roaster. And I need new shoes...


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    Salty, I'd think that these would be on your short list:

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    my next purchase of significance will be a new hunting backpack.

    wife said i cant charge i am brown bagging lunches and making coffee at home. crazy how $900 can be saved up. current trajectory shows me buying this thing first week of July!!

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    I need a new pellet rifle and a cross bow. Squirrels and deer need harvesting this fall.

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