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Thread: WTB Tanaka R2 240 Gyuto

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    Shigeki has been making that line for a few years now, maybe since 2008. Currently that line uses R2/SG2 which he says is the same thing.
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    Oh really, I had no idea that he has been doing them. That's good then, as it really is a great line. JCK hasn't had a new batch in for quite a while now, so might be worth emailing Koki to see if there is a shipment on the horizon. I sold my 240 gyuto at the start of the year and for the life of me still haven't got a clue why. Was a great knife.

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    I've avoided this conversation, because I want one and was so damn close.... Damn. Thanks for reminding me.
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    I had a slew of messages after I mentioned that I would be willing to sell mine, but I realized that these wa-gyutos are now a rare commodity, and I don't think I'll part with these babies yet. I had to look high and low for many months until Frank sold me a pair (210 and 240), but Frank's website no longer seems to be functioning. Someone who can read Kanji can tell me whose name is on that wooden box.

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    Can't tell you about the kanji but I can tell you those are two great looking knives!

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