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Thread: Single bevel gyuto

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    Cclin- that is a nice blade there!!

    i have never used a true single bevel with ura, but i sharpen most of my gyutos with a 70/30. My last one from Luke Snyder is an 80/20 or even 90/10 very asymmetric. The knife is super sharp. and i quite like it. However i dont see how a true single bevel would help you. If your bevel is too wide on the front it will cause steering i would think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    I think it's yanagi and usuba
    +! We have a winner. And it is in no way a substitute for a gyuto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pensacola Tiger View Post
    +! We have a winner. And it is in no way a substitute for a gyuto.
    Thanks PT/KK. I agree with KK's other statement though: once I got a single-bevel (a few days ago to be honest) I view it as something totally different from the double-bevel profiles like gyuto. Like trying to compare a screwdriver to a crescent wrench.
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    If you just want something with an asymmetrical grind then there are plenty of options. If you actually want something with an "true single bevel grind", then the only ones I can think of are the Suinsin Momizi funayuki in gin3 or white steel (gin3 only goes up to 210mm) or the Sakai Takayuki Denshin Denshou line, both pretty expensive though. Here's some links:


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    just a few things for reference:
    kiritsuke= combination of yanagiba and usuba
    mirorishi deba= combination of yanagiba and deba
    funayuki= thin deba used for aji, saba, etc.

    and single bevel gyutos do exist, they just tend to be made by western custom makers based on a misunderstanding of japanese knives (like many people seem to think that all japanese knives are single bevel, but dont understand the way the knives are constructed or the what the single bevel knives are often used for)

    Also, once an for all, kiritsuke ≠ gyuto

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    Well, I guess it's things like this that confuse people, a so-called 'kiritsuke-gyuto'

    So not a real kiritsuke then? I suppose it's a gyuto with a kiritsuke-shaped tip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patatas Bravas View Post
    So not a real kiritsuke then? I suppose it's a gyuto with a kiritsuke-shaped tip?
    It's not a single bevel knife; therefore, it's not a kiritsuke. It is as you supposed.
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    yes, you are correct... that is not a kiritsuke. It is, however, a gyuto... just one that happens to have the kiritsuke-style tip. It is a double bevel knife.

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    I saw someone post a pic of a single bevel gyuto on the newest knife but section. That's what really sparked my interest. It just seems like it would be a fun knife for me. I am so highly addicted to knives now. You guys have turned me into an addict!
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    Gotta love this place. There's always something new to learn.
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