Wa handles-to taper or not to taper?
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Thread: Wa handles-to taper or not to taper?

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    Wa handles-to taper or not to taper?

    Does the tapering most wa handles have serve any purpose beyond apperance?
    Available handles- [url]http://s64.photobucket.com/user/mkriggen/library/Available20handles[/url]

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    The obvious answer is that it helps maintain a grip when the handle gets slippery. Other that that, I'll leave to the experts.
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    It just looks cooler, and that's enough for me. Unless you want a slightly narrower grip but want to balance weight toward the end.

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    I find a taper to be necessary with handles, in terms of comfort. If there isn't a taper, then the handles feel bulky and clumsy.

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    Yeah I'd say it's pretty useful because it makes the handle a little more comfortable. It also sort of looks wrong if there's no taper

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