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Thread: The Santoku phenomenon

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda View Post
    ordered a hiromoto AS santoku. 1) it's the only 190mm i can find? 2) it's stainless clad to survive usage from room mates. 3) it's cheap
    Agree, this was my first santoku some years ago
    Why? I wanted to check the AS steel, having the SS clad. And it was cheeper then the regular Gyuto
    I have many much more expensive and rare knives ( some Shigefusa, Kitaeji as well, Kato, Honyakis, even the real Tamahagane etc), but this one is still one of my favorites. I have a thin version, the core is perfect, the retention is outstanding, maybe one of the best- it outperforms many much more expensive knives, really.
    And i use it as a test knife for my Jnats and my tests reg finish etc. check it here Attachment 23266

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    I believe the use of the santoku (steel and ceramic) by celeb-chefs has more to do with their 'exotic' shape/material than any performance benefit - compliments of the prop departments.

    It's pretty obvious to me that while GR uses them he is also uncomfortable with them - and as for Nigella - she should have stuck to using her mezaluna

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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio_luiz View Post

    Uuuuhgghh not this again.

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