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Thread: Peeling towards myself

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    I think the difference was knerd peeled 1/2 than flipped it; and maybe his carrot was a tad longer. Either way both techniques worked well for the particular user. I am definitely not saying one way is better than another. I just know how I do it... and I know that when peeling cases of potatoes with others, I'm usually peeling at least 1.5 to 1, regardless of technique. But this is true for cleaning tenderloins, filleting fish, etc... toot toot! (that my horn)

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    Good job, and thanks for the video evidence!
    Most people I've seen peel toward themselves very slowly, or even this "dangling down" of the vegetable that makes it seem awkward.
    I could see myself losing the skin off my fingertip-knuckles or palm if I tried to do it your way.
    Whatever works best for the user. I don't want someone telling me I'm holding my knife wrong either!

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    It does seem like you're going to shave yourself when you first do it, but like anything once you get accustomed to it, you feel safe doing it. Speed probably comes down much more to practice than anything else really..

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    I think the majority I have seen peel away from themselves. I use a peeler that allows me to go in both directions so I peel away in one stroke and peel back in the next. It's literally twice as fast. When peeling in a single direction the temptation is to hit the peeler at the begining of the stoke. There's a reason there's two edges on a peeler so what ever works the best for you and gets good results is all that really matters.

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