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    Home - Knife was put in dishwasher

    Pro - Co-worker tried to pry open a lid.


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    Home: Amateur sharpening
    Pro : Cutting through hard stuff (bones, etc.)

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    Home-opening cans or tins.
    Pro -dismembering bad reviewer from trip advisor.

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    Home. Husband opened Mexican beer
    Work. Co worker dropped it

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    Home: trying to get the lid off the can.

    Pro: I was making stock, and went through some small bones.

    Ether that, or:

    Home: My dog ate my knife.

    Pro: I ate my knife, after shift, with some instant ramen...ok, and maybe a few Sapporos and a bag of...ahem...instant ramen.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Home: Opening a can

    Pro: One of the other staff members used it

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    home-dropped it on the floor
    work-dishwasher ate it
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    Home: practicing knife throwing

    work: knife fight

    (home--dropped, work--lent it to someone)
    Now is not the time to bother me. And it's always now. Wiley Miller

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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    I'm with ThEoRy on this one...
    at home the wife/ MIL used it on the granite countertop and then put it in the dishwasher.
    At work my co-worker/idiot took my knife and tried to pry the drain off of the floor and than put my knife in the dishwasher.
    I'm voting against the "dropping it on the floor" defense, because a lot of times that's more than just a broken tip. There's not notta lotta Mr. Martell can do about a knife that's busted in half.

    Well it looks like we have a winner here folks!

    The top explantions I get are...

    Home User Answer - Mother In Law

    Pro Answer - CoWorker

    So Chris, shoot me your address and I'll shoot your your new stone.

    Thanks to everyone fo playing along.


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    Here are some of the other explanations I hear often. Remember I said explanation - not the truth....LOL

    Home User - MIL, Wife/Girlfriend, Relatives, House Guest, Kids, Garbage Disposal, Chef's Choice, Dropped, Chopping, Granite Counter Top, Knife Sharpening Service

    Pro - CoWorker, Dishwasher, "Chef Borrowed My Knife", Dropped, Backsplash, Frozen Foods, Knife Sharpening Service, Can Opening, Box Opening, Knife Roll, Used a Steel, Tru-Hone

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