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Thread: any food magazines on your regular read list?

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    A new Fine Cooking and a new Mix (Portland Oregon food mag) showed up in the mail today. You guys that don't like advertising in your culinary publications would really hate this latest Mix. About all it is these days is high end ads for jewelry and real estate.

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    It is put out by the Oregonian, and all they care about is max revenue. I'm suprised that there is any food content at all!
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    The first couple of years were pretty good but since they went to the smaller format magazine it has sucked. Same editor though and I'm in the business of noticing things like that for professional reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    I've never read Lucky Peach. Where can I get it in Canada?
    You can also order it online from chapters/

    Occasionally I've seen costco carry it too for a good deal. issues 2 and 3 were bundled together for like $10 or $12.

    I had issue #1 but a vengeful ex gf claimed to have thrown it away (along with all my stones, and clothes). I'm lucky I grabbed by knives on the way out. When I moved into a new apt last year, all I had were my knives and a milk crate.

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    So Good magazine , a biannual professional pastry mag with a world wide coverage.

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