A few straights for sale
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Thread: A few straights for sale

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    A few straights for sale

    I hate to do this, but i need money to fix my car.All razors are coated in mineral oil so they look scratched and streaky. I assure you, they are not.. First up is a Butch Harner 6/8 in 52100 with a solid ivory handle. Great shaving razor, will come shave ready. $800 shipped insured conus

    Next up is a Charlie Lewis 7/8 in i think O-1 and brown micarta. Great shaver, only used a few times. Will come shave ready. $550 shipped insured conus

    Next is a Horstator Solingen 1835 6/8 NOS in amazing shape. Great shaver, ivory celluloid handle...excellent shape. $200 shipped insured conus

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    ok price drop time. Butch razor $750 , Lewis $500 and the Horstator $150....all shipped conus. Outside us pays actual shipping

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    Nice Harner, Lovely scales, great to see him do them more traditional than he usually does.
    All razors should come in ivory!!
    Are they mommoth or elephant?

    GL with the sales.

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    Beautiful razors, Mike. I have a Harner coming my way, so that says a lot about how I think of them.

    Take a look around at: www.sharpandshinyshop.com

    Email me at: tmclean@sharpandshinyshop.com

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    that harner is amazing... swap you that del meteorite petty for it haha. hope your car troubles are fixed soon!

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    Yeah Mike - list some knives for sale for gosh sakes.

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    Nice Charlie Lewis razor...i remember trading that last december (2012) for a knife i never received...well, i guess i cant call it a trade since i never got a knife...rephrase, I remember GIVING that to you last December...

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    glws. those are some stunning razors.
    Chewie's the man.

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