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Thread: Copper top table

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    Copper top table

    The missus is jonesing for a copper top dining room table. She picked out an inexpensive table on craigslist that his 88" x 42" and comes with two 20" leaves. She'd like to make this a home project.

    It seems copper is sold in 3' x 10' sheets. That's way too narrow. Is 16oz. copper thick enough? A gutter supply place sells a sheet for $166 + 25 shipping. I'm not a particularly handy guy but have a good buddy who is.

    So, any advice re: how to do this and not spend a fortune?
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    I would start at a metal fabrication place. They'd probably have the supply contacts and could wrap it for you. It's not going to be cheap, but buying my 2-inch slab walnut table wasn't cheap either. Frankly, I would buy a bunch of copperware and other things copper first -- if you don't own them already -- to make sure that that sort of maintenance is something you'd be willing to take on. Unless you want that spotted stain look, that table is going to be a ***** IMO.

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    16oz. (a.k.a. 24 gauge or 0.022") dead soft copper isn't structural but as long as you have it on a solid substrate should hold up very well. (I still wouldn't bounce cast iron pots across it.)

    here are some pointers:

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    Look up some local roofers who have sheet metal mechanics in-house. Lots work with copper outside of Philadelphia. $5+/ sf for 16 oz is a little high; if you have a sheet metal mechanic at a roofing company clad the table for you the material cost should be a little less. Plus you should be able to go up to 20 oz, and still pay less than for that 16 oz stuff. Alternatively, if you want to go DIY, use google skilz to get yourself to Revere Copper and look for a distributor somewhere in your area. I know Berger Bros is in your general vacinity, and they make a ton of gutters, etc. from copper so they likely have a good supplier nearby.
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