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Thread: Handle materials

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    #6 spoken for.

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    Pierre, If i'm the one for 13, will it be enough for a Wa? If I'm not the one, a similar pattern/colour will do nicely!


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    A few more...
    Maple burl 3
    Maple burl 2
    Maple burl 1
    Buckeye burl
    Redwood Burl

    All these are stabilized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    All these are awesome.
    Fixed that for you.

    Redwood Burl and Maple Burl #1 are my favorites.
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    I emailed with Craig over the past few days and he mentioned it's a buyers' market right now. I didn't watch the scales, but last round several didn't sell and many for the starting bid, so this may be a good time to keep your eyes open. I got some nice blocks for little over the starting bid - needed to secure my world domination on raindrop pattern Honduran rosewood


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    Wow, those are great. Are those from Craig too? I really need to pay attention to his bids.

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    No these are from another vendor. He has a huge selection, not all fancy like this stuff, but still very nice.

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    here are some of the blocks I had ordered for wa handles. I gave them the hose treatment to "brighten" them up a bit.

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    WOW. You have scored some really spectacular burls there, Sir. Looking forward so seeing them develop into handles on your beautiful blades.


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    Gorgeous! What's number 8 from the left?

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