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Thread: Hand-cut fries with spicy Sriracha ketchup

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomchakabowwow View Post
    he had me a Whataburger. first stop i ever make when i visit my family in texas.

    and Sirachia. have you guys ever tried the "shark brand" from thailand? dayum good! i got a bottle of medium and a bottle of "strong". i havent touch the US made rooster sauce since.
    Ok, next time I am at the Asian Market I will look for the Shark brand. I actually have a lot of Apache peppers coming in right now. I think I will try making some sort of homemade hot sauce/sriracha out of them this weekend.

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    I don't like vegetable oil, so I used some tallow that I rendered out last week. Used 1/2 smoked paprika and 1/2 regular paprika, added 1:1:1 of paprika:cumin:coriander and finished with some cold smoked sea salt I made up a couple months ago. These were AWESOME!

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    Made this as a snack last night. Delicious. Thanks!!!

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