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Thread: Universal Saya For a 240mm Sakai Yusuke Extra Thick & Flat Profile

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    I think Koki at JCK sells them. Perhaps try him? he's usually pretty helpful

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    IIRC, Keiichi provided me with Saya from Aoki hamono. So if you would like to risk small amount of money try chuboknives:

    Otherwise, try giving Leigh a call. He seems to offer small fitting adjusting if you send a knife in:

    A small trick that I have used if saya is just slightly bigger is to glue a small strip of balsa wood to the saya such that it will make a knife and saya friction fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by V1P View Post
    Keiichi is out at the moment.

    I am located in Australia so sending the knife to a custom maker is not efficient for me, unless he has the template.

    Any more advice?
    Lefty has said he can work from a tracing and measurements. Send him a PM or an eMail (

    You also might want to edit your profile to show your location.

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