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Thread: Issue with grind on new Konosuke White #2 suji

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    Thank you! Been busy at work and fatherhood. Currently on holidays.

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    1. I would send it back. There's no reason to tolerate this type of issue on a brand new knife. If you experienced and know what to look for AND are happy to grind off the thinnest, most desirable part of your grind to even out an overgrind, go for it but you are throwing away the best part of the life of your knife (assuming the knife is very nice to begin with). 2. I agree, in general, with the QC issues mentioned. I think it's probably a product of inability to satisfy demand. Either you make less and focus on QC or make more and slip a little. If people still buy them, retailers will demand more and if you don't produce they will go elsewhere and you may or may not be able to replace that income. It's risk vs reward, unfortunately. Few people buying those knives will probably have the skill or knowledge to even notice the problem.

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