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Thread: What kind of knife you take to a small trou.

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    wyoming, closer to nowhere than somewhere.
    Having a lot of trout here I was wondering the same. Never went looking tho.

    Chewie's the man.

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    Ghent, NY
    In the case of breaking down already gutted fish with those conditions and again depending on the size a 6" Deba, or a good 150mm Petty would work for you.

    I broke down four stripers that averaged 32" ea. with a 165mm Deba for filleting and my Hankotsu for skinning. Compared to these two knives my trusty Rappala fillet knife was "in the way" so to speak.

    This exercise did prompt me toorder a longer 210mm Deba for up coming blue fish and mahi season.

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    Sounds like for the skills portion, we will be breaking down Black Cod. The Cod will be used in the team's classic dish: "Matelote, known as Pochouse." I will likely not be preparing our competition's classic dish (worth the most points in the competitions), but will need to be fluent in fabrication for the skills portion of the competition. I don't know the sprecs of that fab yet, but know it will obviously include filleting. So I'm looking for a knife that fits this role.

    On a side note, I will likely be preparting our entree, which we will be featuring duck breast and sausage. (Already have the weapons for that)/

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    I can post a couple vids on Chatham cod and black sea bass which may be helpful. Being on the east coast black cod is always high priced. I always want it but can't justify the cost.

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