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Thread: Japan Trip 2013 Photo Thread

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    Japan Trip 2013 Photo Thread

    I figured it might be nice to keep this all in one thread, instead of having one for each place/person... anyways, just arrived in tokyo today...

    and had some food...

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    Salted duck egg or just plain old eggs?

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    O sweet! That black chicken place was one that I missed on my trip! Reviews and comments would be appreciated!

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    looks delicious jon!
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    this next one was way too many photos to post here... this is a link to the facebook gallery (and i added descriptions this time)

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    Drooling.... Yaki Aji looks pretty yummy. But seriously, how does the food taste without missus?

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    well, i get to eat more crazy stuff, but less overall

    thankfully, i dont suck too much in japanese so i can get what i want

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    I want all of that, Jon can we get names of restaurants and maybe a description here and there, there are some items I have no idea what they are?
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    today i ended up going a lot of places where i couldnt take pictures, but in the places i could, i snuck in a few... here's today's photo group:

    (for what its worth, its hard to have in depth conversations in japanese, while doing this, and trying to take pictures by myself)

    and then some more food:

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