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Thread: Japan Trip 2013 Photo Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    I want all of that, Jon can we get names of restaurants and maybe a description here and there, there are some items I have no idea what they are?
    i think i put some of the descriptions on facebook... sorry, but as i'm in japan by myself this time, its kind of hard to have conversations in japanese, answer e-mails regularly, take pictures, do things in peoples workshops (sharpening, forging, etc.) and be 100% on top of all of this... sorry. If there's something specific you're curious about, let me know when i get back to LA and i can tell you more about it.

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    I'm so jealous of you because of all that amazing food you're eating.
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    very impressive picture Jon, the only thing I think that it is quite a lot of food to eat at a time

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    Great photos Jon...Love the leaves in front of the clock..very nice composition, lighting, and focus selection.
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    I want to go to Japan so bad. It all looks amazing.

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    i added a bit of information in the facebook descriptions if you guys are interested... not that much, but more than i will put here:

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    Are the knives sitting in propylene glycol (antifreeze) or some form of glycol corrosion inhibitor?

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    Awesome pics Jon, thanks for sharing!

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