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Thread: Japan Trip 2013 Photo Thread

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    These knives are made with the collaboration with my partner ...... in Japan!
    Ups , i have mixed the vendors , sorry

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    todays food (including a wonderful bento that was made for me by one of the craftsmen's wives)

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    Food looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. Be careful and be sure to drink lots and lots of water. I know Japan is crazy humid/hot right now.

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    and todays knife photos (i dont know about you guys, but i'm pretty damn happy with the way my photos are turning out this year )


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    Yeah Jon, the photos are really awesome. Thank you for taking the time to upload them here. What is the deal with the hatchet?

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    The pictures look great. There is almost something surreal about the level of detail in the knife photos.

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    Looking good Jon! Thanks for shairing

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