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Thread: Japan Trip 2013 Photo Thread

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    I've never seen someone eat so much Kobe beef!
    Twitter: @PeterDaEater

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    Oh. My.

    Jon, your pics are making me drool!

    Hope you are having a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    I've never seen someone eat so much Kobe beef!
    what are you talking about? Last night was my healthy meal

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    amazing photos, cool thread, thanks for taking the time to upload all of these. I am freaking jealous lol

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    Great photos. Love the low-key monochrome thing you've got going on.

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    last set is fantastic ..they all are but I love this set alot..

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    yeah... i'm stoked to have some new canvas prints made from this years photos. Consequently, when i do this, if anyone has a photo they want made into a canvas print from these photos, let me know. I think we should be able to accommodate. I think the ones i normally have made run about $85 or something like that.

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