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Thread: Have you seen the new Shun Taiyo

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    Sacogoo- I have to admit I find it quite humorous that within one post you jazz hand the shun and curb stomp PBR. I'm guessing you find PBR not to your taste and therefore find it a great tool for ridicule. Interesting.
    In all fairness, this new Shun could possibly be a rock star on the cutting board. I know my Fujis certainly are. But for that "hipster" who ponied up the cheddar to afford a Devin I say kudos. Yes, Shun knives are massed produced. Yes, some come to find them to be a bit too vanilla after awhile. For those they have the option to upgrade to the next level of Shun, or simply move on to another maker. Maybe they want something a little more "exotic" or esoteric. Not all cooks can treat themselves to a Lamborghini to scoot around in, but they might be able to fork out just enough to cover the Rolls Royce or Ferrari of knives.
    All knives are subjective in their qualities to performance. Many here prefer the personal touch of the made-by-hand offered by several great makers on this forum. I'm one of them. Yet I still brought my ZKs and shuns to the ECG to show off. A few attendees chuckled and scoffed. But I didn't let them see me cry over it. Nor was I compelled to judge or dispense with cute little insults.
    In short, chill out kiddo. Bring your opinions, just lose the judgements of character and insults. Please.

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    as much as possible i want to stay out of this, but i will say one thing... opinions dont really mean that much until you've tried something yourself. You can make educated guesses all you want, but sometimes things might surprise you. That being said, in general i'm still not a shun fan (and i've sharpened and/or used every line they make). But thats just my personal taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saccogoo View Post
    I'd hate to see what you think of the dumb bastard who buys a Devin Thomas blade versus a Takayuki Grand Cheff since both use the same steel.

    (You see, you are the guy I just didn't realize that you have become one of the fixie riding, PBR swilling smelly hipsters of the knife world.)
    Same steel = same heat treatment? lol

    Personal attacks are not allowed here, I'm not mad at you just a heads up. If you can't debate your points without ad hominem attacks you really should find another forum. Perhaps Gamefaqs would suit you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saccogoo View Post
    To ***** about a knife having a belly to rock over and through food is just as stupid as someone arguing that a knife is retarded because it's got an extremely flat profile and can't rock over food.

    Hate word!

    Not acceptable in todays society...
    The difference between try and triumph is a little "umph"! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

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    I've been waiting for the Taiyo to show up here...I just added one to my small collection. As usual I love the discussions here.
    I have a box of three Kaji Fusion knives that I rarely use and figured I'd sell those on "The 'bay" and get the Taiyo because it looks much more usable than the Onion design. I've stated that Shun reminds me of Taco Bell in that they keep coming up with new items using the same old ingredients and I thought I had weened myself off of the brand thanks to you guys...
    But I will admit that the bling factor + limited to 300 pieces is what hooked me. I figure it will lead to people asking questions about knives at gatherings and will be an easy way to engage in conversation about a very enjoyable hobby of mine. Leading people to the real thing via this forum and the vendors of boutique Japanese knives.

    Anyway enough about my thought process. Here's a pic of my current collection. ZKramer, Taiyo, Gesshin Heiji nakiri, Takeda honesuki and mini-petty.

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    Mast what do you think about the handle?
    Chewie's the man.

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    It's super comfy. Much more so than the traditional handles on my other knives. It really is a three dimensional design and fills the palm nicely. It's made of Micarta which I equate to fancy plastic. Could be an issue when wet? Also, it's heavy IMO. At first I thought it felt "dead" but I believe that's because it's so well balanced. My others esp. Heiji are very blade heavy and feel much different in the hard to put words to "feel" department.

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    I like the taco bell analogy. How good is it at actually cutting food? How's the edge retention?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NO ChoP! View Post
    I'd rather see a very plain Shun with good profile, good taper, good heat treat, good steal, etc...
    I agree with this for sure, it's a shame that escalating levels of damascus has been indentified as the only way forward for Shun, as many people would love their knives if they only had a scaled back elegance to the appearance.

    I've had a lot of Shuns over the years and this looks to have a good profile, but beyond that it seems more style over substance, and that has always been the big problem with Shun.

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