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Thread: Learning how to care for and use single bevels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Not so much. That's a good start for regular touch ups but gong finer and sticking with polishing stones is advised on the back side of single beveled knives.
    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    From what I've personally seen, Jon uses a 6k stone. I too use a 6k stone.

    A 6k could be's all about how aggressive the stone is. The Rika 5k is slightly aggressive for a 5k and I'd personally be weary of using it over and over again in this role but another 5k could be perfectly fine. So for me it's not the grit rating of the stone that's important, it's how the stone works. I should have mentioned that before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    For sharpening, just remember that there are two bevels on single bevel knives. This is critical to sharpening them correctly.

    Jon's videos are very good about explaining this.

    Finger placement is critical when sharpening the two bevels. I would also recommend using light consistent pressure when sharpening the upper bevel in order to keep your shinogi line straight.

    Also, you will need a higher grit stone for uraoshi sharpening so that you do not grind down the back quickly.
    Just watched the vids you posted,It has been a while since I last looked at them.They really are good.Alot is in the language,you are correct when fingerpads are higher for sharpening top part of shinogi line they are still below the shinogi,too high & you can round the edge or make uneven,it is important to keep that sharp chisel bevel for the fish to separate correctly.

    Also to me Uraoshi sharpening is more burr removal than sharpening.When you get a new yanagi look at the polish line on the backside,at the cutting edge it is very thin.Jon's Uraoshi push stroke,the way I learned it is a lite touch for burr removal,not to widen the edge.The edge will widen a little over time just wt. burr removal but not much.I do not see him moving the blade back & forth on the Ura side,just the lite forward sweep on a polishing stone.

    I have seen guys at work wt. expensive yanagi's wailing away on a King 1000 flipping it over & doing the same on the backside.Just because a guy is an exec. chef does not ness. mean knows SB sharpening.

    I tell people here in the cooking field,students,& anyone else wanting to learn freehand to look up knife sharping playlist.Jon talks alot explains why & what he is doing.I tell them to approach it as you are in a class and he is the Teacher an expert in his subject matter.

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    Awesome thanks, I am going to watch some of them tonight.

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