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Thread: Want to go on a 2-3 week road trip, leaving from Sarasota...want lots of bbq

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    Want to go on a 2-3 week road trip, leaving from Sarasota...want lots of bbq

    Will be staying in Sarasota, Florida, as I have a place to stay and a car to use. My gf and I, mid 20's (okay, she's early 20's and I'm 30....) want to go on a road trip, eating lots of bbq, and basically seeing interesting stuff. We usually don't like things that are really touristy...but we are up for anything. We like flea markets and vintage stores, good food always,interesting grocery stores, nice scenery, etc etc.

    I'm trying to compile a list of MUST-VISIT cities and then try to build a route around them. Also interested in smaller towns that are worth visiting as well. I really know nothing about the area...I've heard Memphis, SC, and NC are must visits for BBQ. Texas seems a little far looking at the map but...maybe it can be done. Always wanted to go to new orleans. Atlanta I'm not sure about. Also not just purely interested in BBQ, definitely want to try good regional cuisine wherever I am.

    Also, is it fairly comfortable to go camping in any of these areas in January?


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    Charleston, SC is a must.
    If you make it to Charlotte, I'd love to get together.
    It's probably going to be pretty damn cold in the Carolinas come Jan though.

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    I would plan a stop in Asheville NC for some good food/beers/people.
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    In my twenties I drove from chokoloskee through sarasota up to alaska and back every year. Tbh I remember all the destinations where we had to do something. Climbed the falls in Yosemite, sailed in the gulf, packed in to the hotspings in olympia, skydiving in Az. We had good food in lots of places, beers everywhere...but it sortof faded in memory over the years. Might be differnt for you, but go places where you have to be active for an adventure. Don't just make a list of charming places to be entertained.

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    Sarasota to Apalachicola is a nice 7-8 hr drive. Finest oysters you'll ever eat, esp that time of year. Beautiful hotel in center of town. Back in car, West 6-7 hr to NOLA, or same East to Savannah. Savannah easily worth a day+, then easy drive to Charleston.

    A few great eating road trips can be had but if on a BBQ theme, point the car at Memphis and the Carolinas.

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