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    Just wanted to post and say that my first experience with JNS was excellent! Convenient website, fast shipping, great deal and more than anything else--awesome knife!

    Thanks Maxim

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim View Post
    Thanks a lot !
    Please let us know how you like the knife !
    Singatirin background and what would you consider it? is it thick laser like etc?

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    Singitarin is honyaki with hamon (some more visible than others), very thin, very nimble, great cutter.

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    Yeah it is thin knife Hamon you can easily bring out with some uchigomori or just 1k figerstone.
    Maker did not really cared for hamon, thats why its not to expensive as other Honyakis you see.

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    Would love to hear more feedback on these knives and what people compare them too.

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    Me too !!
    Actually, i personally think they are fantastic knife for the money, but we never hear much about them.
    So some user feed back will be nice

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    "Steel: High Carbon steel (can rust !!!) Water quenched mizu-honyaki "

    whats this mean, whats mark of steel ?

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    Please do post a review! I've been eyeing these knives too.

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    Same here, sounds like a great knife (from website).
    Chewie's the man.

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