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Thread: Anti Fatigue Mats

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanusInTheGarden View Post
    But TK59, what is this minimalist footwear you mentioned? Does it still have treaded grips? I'm looking at upgrading from the flimsy, B.S. treaded crocs (F.U. Batali), and I'm shopping around.
    I was wondering that too. I must admit that orthotics were a foot-life saver for me. I was given the choice of doing nothing and being partially disabled, having surgery, taking drugs, or orthotics. I chose the orthotics as the best option and it worked for 8 years. Only recently have I started having foot problems again, but that was because my orthotics 'went flat' and I re-inflamed my foot nerves. Now I have new orthotics and have to take steroids for a bit, but I am back to running daily.

    Also, taking fatigue in another direction, I do pilates daily for back health (I've broken my back twice). It used to be I couldn't stand up for more than 20-30 seconds without major pain, but now my back is healthier than when I was in my 20s. Strengthening those core muscles will perform wonders -- I promise. A Canadian paratrooper with back trauma introduced me to pilates. He went from being bedridden/disabled to active again in 6 months.

    Don't forget about the body in fighting fatigue. There's my plug for better back health.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cnochef View Post
    I don't hate the mats like most of you line studs, because I work in a smaller private kitchen cooking healthier food (we don't even have a deep fryer).

    After 25 years in the biz, my tired old dogs appreciate the creature comforts.

    I have to agree, Wellnessmats are great. They even make industrial ones. I have two in my garage for my workbench.

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    Haven't used one, but Grainger lists 500 antifatigue mats. They're geared toward an industrial environment, but it's a place to look, anyway. Haven't bought anything from Grainger for years and it seems like they used to be a little high priced, but they have all sorts of hard to find stuff.

    edit: we used to have some great mats in the machine shop at work, but not sure where they came from. A lot of stuff did come from Grainger, tho.
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    gel mats

    gel mats are good options if you want to install anti-fatigue mats. It is effective for supporting the soles and the ankles and makes your feet and lower legs more relaxed!

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    I don't like mats either. I swear by Merril's on my feet.

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