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Thread: Ordered a Nogent and this came.

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    Lobster splitter, that's what I thought too. This was sold under the 10" chef column.
    I have some German beaters for hard squash and rocking parsley etc.
    Back it goes, but I thought I would show what was sent by TBT
    as a chef knife for others to see.
    Thanks for the speedy replies!

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    FWIW, mine is 4mm. If you're really interested it might be worth calling them and asking them to find the thinnest/best condition one they have. I guess back in the day QC wasnt a big issue

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    I'm curious, are these all old knives they are selling? If so, wouldn't they be culls from way back?
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    My daily driver is a Trumpet Sab from the 50's I think. It's thick like this at the bolster but the distal taper (sp?) is dramatic. The grind on mine is different to, it seems like a pretty concave grind from the spine to the edge.

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