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Thread: couple of saya jobs

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    couple of saya jobs

    Made some sayas today
    One for 270mm Kato out of Japanese Ho wood
    other one is poplar Burl for Shigefusa Usuba

    Iphone pics

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    very sweet maxim.. I was unaware that you made sayas!
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    Poplar is stunning

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    I decided from now to Make sayas only in soft woods. As i noticed that even so i use only chisels to make the hole it still somehow can scratch your knife Or make some marks
    It is also much easier to make friction fit with softer wood. So i will only make them in softer woods now Poplar, Ho wood, Kauri etc

    It is not like i have to much time to making them so my prices will be bit high. But i have many that just neeeed Saya no madder what hehehe
    So thats why i will offer them sometimes

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    Very nice, Maksim!

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    Good clean work.
    I like them.
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    If you're using ancient kauri, that can have very hard minerals in it, so be careful as it could cause scratching. It is known to dull tools quickly.

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    I do not use ancient kauri I think it is to hard too

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