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Thread: BackOrder Sale - All U Need Strop Kit

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    Great, thanks for the reply. Hopefully it will come in stock and the leather will be up to snuff!

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    Any word on the leather strop?

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    I don't have good news.....I haven't received a test sample yet which has to mean it's not working out on their end. I have an email into them now and I'll report back when I hear from them.

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    The word is that the new leather didn't pass the supplier's QC. I've been told it'll be a few more days before they get the next stuff in to try.

    Sorry again to everyone who's waiting.

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    OK folks we've got word that the supplier has approved and is shipping the new style leather to us! I'll do some testing before I ship first though so don't get too excited but I think based on what I hear that it should be good to go.

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    Not that you need to hear this(kinda goes without saying for you), but don't let our anticipation and the long wait push you into changing your standards. I trust your leather guy can get you the good stuff, though it might take some searching.

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    I received the leather today. I've gone ahead and spritzed one of the pads with diamond spray and when it's dry I'll start using it and see what I get. Stay tuned!

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    OK I hate to jump the gun but when I'm excited it's hard to keep it to myself.

    I just went back into the wet room and had a look at the new leather pad that I had spritzed with our Dupont diamond spray earlier this morning. I was surprised to find the leather dry to the touch because most times this stuff takes some time to soak into and dry on the surface of leather. Well since it was dry I went and gathered up a few knives. I grabbed one brand new never used (straight out of the box from Japan) Hiro AS gyuto, a Susin Inox gyuto that's very dull awaiting sharpening service, & my own Watanabe nakiri with some little chips and rounded over ccurved section (blame the wife for damages here).

    I tested each knife with paper (push and slice cuts) & the 3 finger test before getting started. All knives would slice but only the heal of the Watanabe nakiri push cut. The Susin Inox barely made the slice though. None passed the 3-finger test.

    So then I stropped them all going at 10 passes per side. Each knife showed considerable improvement. All immediately passed the 3-finger test - not expected. All but the Suisin Inox (remember this one was dead ass dull already) now push cut. The Watanabe (aside from the edge chips) could have fooled me into thinking that it had just been sharpened. The Hiro AS was almost as good as having been sharpened but not super impressive, I think the edge is a little rounded from the factory.

    Overall this is pretty good and slightly better than I would have expected.

    Now I decided to fix the edge of the Watanabe by sharpening it up. I used the Beston 500x, Bester 1200x, & Suehiro Rika 5k to do the work. I ran the edge through a felt block after each stone. Then I followed with stropping on this new leather pad. This is where I became excited.

    I got so excited because of a couple of things. I think that just having a leather pad available now was enough to sway my decisions so I tried not to let this get in the way of the facts. What I got from stropping the Watanabe post sharpening session is pretty damn remarkable actually. I got a near perfect burr free edge from 2 passes per side that was looking like 8k+ polished that is so damn crispy it wanted to grab my fingerprint upon touching it. It fell through paper on the slice like I had used a leather belt loaded with chromium oxide - whisper quiet (not something I see with diamond spray - ever) and the push cut was just top notch in every aspect. Why does this make me so excited? It's because this particular knife is normally a pain in the ass to de-burr and get to this level. I usually put off sharpening this one because I don't feel like going through all the normal de-burring crap I usually have to deal with. In this case I just did 2 passes on each side on the leather and it was done. I was sort of in disbelief that my eyes were lying to me so I went and used a loop to inspect closer and all I saw was 2 tiny micro-burr thingies hanging on in the curve section. I went back and did another two passes and inspected again and they were gone - edge perfect.

    Now for the leather. Obviously I'm impressed with what I've seen so far with the results for touch up and deburring use but what about user friendly-ness. Well here come more praise.

    The leather seemed to have soaked in the diamond quickly yet left it available on the surface. This isn't at all normal as diamond spray generally needs 2-3 applications (layers) to build up in the leather before the surface provides it to use. This is a very nice effect that means we can use less expensive diamond spray and not have to wait as long to use after application.

    The surface of the leather is smooth/textured, that is it's a smooth textured leather that is thin and has little give to it. The texture provides a slight draw (that I find perfect) and very low chance of edge rolling. I tested this by applying massive downward pressure and even though I could see the surface flex under load it did not dub the edge at all. This is a key feature to new sharpeners who often use poor technique as they learn. The feel of the draw (or pull) of the leather is just enough to provide nice feel & feedback without being sticky and grabby. The other thing worth noting here is the leather is not easy to cut unless you're trying to like I was. I did make one slice but it was small and I was trying at least 10 times to do, I'd say that's a win there.

    Even though I'm initially impressed I'm not going to release them just yet. I need to really make sure that they'll hold up over time so I'll keep using this one and beat it up some and do some more testing. I still need to do single bevels as well. I'll report back in a few days after I get some more experience under my belt. At least we have hope now.

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    That's great to hear! I'm looking forward to having this kit soon, as I've been limited to felt and one Chromium oxide spray, and really want to try some leather and the diamond spray.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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